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Imagine yourself in a photo studio, alone and completely naked with a black mask in one hand and a remote camera trigger in the other. You get one shot, and the result is up to you.
Do you dare?
1000BodiesProject is a nude art project about confidence, pushing boundaries, natural beauty and diversity. In a way, it is a dual project: The photo shoots themselves are performance pieces for those who participate, and the final product will be an exhibition and photo book.

What separates 1000BodiesProject from other nude projects is the sheer number of people involved, the fact that every photo is shot by the participants themselves, and the choice of anonymity.

The rules of the project are:

  • You are alone in the studio when the picture is taken, and you take it yourself.
  • You can wear no clothes, but you will be given a mask to be used as you wish.
  • You pose however you feel like. There will be no mirror – you take the photo when you feel comfortable.
  • You have 1 – one – shot.

Whether you’re an experienced nude model, or have never posed nude, whether you’re a policeman, real estate agent, kindergarden teacher, retired, student, lawyer, office clerk, old, young, fat, skinny, lacking an arm or leg, covered in tattoos or piercings, male or female, exhibitionist or the most shy person in the world, you can participate in this project. Everybody is wanted.
You can choose to be completely anonymous and covered, or you can show as much as you like.

It’s quick, you take the photo yourself, it’s free of charge, and it’s fun!

Past sessions:

London 26th of November 2011 (Many thanks to Flixels for facilitating this!)

San Francisco, 17th of November 2012 (Many thanks to Blue Sky LightGrid for the studio – check them out, they’re awesome!)

London 16th of June 2013.

Oslo, Norway (multiple sessions 2011-2013)

Edinburgh, Scotland, 7th of December 2013

Retina Festival 2015, Edinburgh, Scotland.