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Exhibition and shoot at Retina Festival, Edinburgh

After a rather long pause, there’s once again stuff happening with 1000BodiesProject!
In less than a week, an exhibition of the project’s progress to date will be exhibited at Gayfield Creative Spaces in Edinburgh, as part of the Retina Festival 2015.

If you’ve already participated, this is a brilliant opportunity to get an inkling of what the final project will look like. If you haven’t, now is your chance, as there will be a shoot at the gallery Friday 10th and Saturday 11th of July.

If you happen to be in Scotland next weekend, don’t miss out!

Test print

I have made a test print of the first third of the project. It is so nice seeing the project take shape. Now begins the hunt for sponsors and a publisher… If you have any hints for me, send me an email at :)

Article in Dagbladet

Only a few weeks after the beginning of 1000BodiesProject the story was picked up by Dagbladet, the 2nd largest of Norway’s national newspapers.

Read a google translated version of the article here