Female, 28, San Francisco:

1: What made you decide to participate in the project?

Deciding to participate was an easy choice for me. I saw it advertised on sf.funcheap.com and it appealed to me. I am a photographer myself so any opportunity to help someone else with their art I’m all for. It seemed like this great idea to be part of someone’s art. And not just any art but art that has the potential to be huge! The concept of this project is fantastic and getting people from around the world involved is an idea I want to borrow for a kick ass project I come up with. We all want to create something and a be a part of something bigger and better. Well I do at least and it’s one of the main reasons I showed up.

2: How do you relate to nudity (your own and others)?

I am totally relaxed when it comes to nudity. There were days I was timid but I got over that. I don’t go hang out with a bunch of people naked. When I’m naked I’m either alone or with one other person. I am very comfortable being naked around someone else who is naked or going to get naked. If they remain clothed it’s awkward. And vice versa. If someone else is naked and I’m clothed I feel awkward if I’m not naked with them. I’m not a nudist, I’m just comfortable being naked.

3: What was the experience like for you?

Well I didn’t get nervous until everyone started getting naked. After waiting and waiting and finally getting brought back I found myself nervous. Then when I actually had to go back and strip I was so nervous my knees were shaking! No one in the room with me and I was so nervous you would think I was standing next to the man of my dreams! I had to kinda talk myself through it.

After I got home that night I was on cloud nine for a couple days after the picture was taken. The first night tho I was soooo euphoric and energetic. It was this strange excitement I felt. It really threw me off because I wasn’t expecting to feel so…..happy after stripping down to my birthday suit for a couple guys from Norway. It’s was this strange good feeling that just hit me out of nowhere :)

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