Male, 26, San Francisco

1: What made you decide to participate in the project?

I’m impulsive and reactive.  I have an inherit need to try new things spontaneously.  I love my body and the idea of sharing it with others.

2: How do you relate to nudity (your own and others)?

I love my body. I treat it well and it reciprocates. With nudity others have the chance to observe me, how I move. I As a medical professional I generally need to be conservative with full frontal nudity, but I know how to express my body in many ways.

3: What was the experience like for you?

I did some hand stands, spins and a few push ups to see what my body was feeling.  My decision to do a pistol squat was to exemplify one of my favorite and semi-technical forms in a very anatomically provocative and professional manner.

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