Female, 29, San Francisco:

1. My friend posted the project on his Fetlife page and it sounded like it would be lots of fun. As soon as I saw it, I immediately signed up.

2. I love being naked. I frequent nudist resorts, nudist beaches, have been naked in SF and own a clothing optional, communal house. I always feel so comfortable naked. Its so different than how I was raised though. My family would die if they knew. I am the first person in my family to be born in the United States. My family is from El Salvador. Super Catholic, super conservative, super sexist and anti-gay. Thus I am Wiccan, very liberal, a nudist, a sadist, I believe gender has a whole spectrum and means something different to everyone and I am gay. My parents think I am odd even without knowing all this, but have told me that the U.S has damaged me. Ha ha! I find this very humorous.

3. I jump at any opportunity to pose naked. I think it is so much fun and a celebration of my body. I think people, especially women, get caught up in societies standard of beauty and that is bullshit! Everyone has beauty. Beauty is found within our differences. I feel like every time I pose nude, people who are stuck in this tunnel vision of beauty will see me and say “Wow! Look at how confident she is even though she is fat?!?” Its one step closer to people loving themselves for who they are and not what they “should be”.

It was great to talk to the people there as well. Everyone was there for different reasons and everyone was super nice. I did laugh however at the woman who was interviewed for the documentary when I got in the room. Before the camera started rolling she asked the next group of 5 that came in (which was my group), why we chose to do this. A couple people gave their answer and she said some garbage about wanting to do it now because she was young and still pretty and how she would never do it at 60. My friend and I completely disagreed with her and I told her she should want to do it now and at 60 because she could see herself grow and change. Plus, she would still be beautiful at 60! Then when the camera started rolling of course she was asked why she decided to do this project and she told them how at at 1st she wanted to do it now and not at 60 and after talking to me decided she wanted to do both. That was a good moment! :)


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