Male, 70, San Francisco:

1: I am an exhibitionist (in safe and socially acceptable, legal settings)

2: I was shy at Baker nude beach when the photographer I was trading nude posing with told me it was my turn to pose and I had to take off my clothes in front of clothed male fishermen and clothed female dog walkers. I was a bit shy and tense. In a studio or outdoors private I am totally relaxed and exibitionist.

3: I got my exibitionist fix before the shoot. It was interesting trying to visualize what all the dozens of people waiting looked like nude! During I had trouble posing as when I got the pose I wanted I had trouble getting the remote to trigger the camera so I lost my best pose and was surprised a bit when the flash fired. Afterward I felt I had accomplished something. Perhaps for the first time my image would be in a gallery and a book where possibly somebody that knows me might see it.. That made me a bit nervous but I am ok with it.

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