Male, 49, London:

1: I like participating in art projects and have done a few nude photographic installations and performances. I really like the look and conceptual simplicity of the 1000 Bodies Project so wanted to take part if I ever got the opportunity.

2: I don’t consider myself to be a naturist at all but have enjoyed nude beaches and the occasional resort for several years. Always quite shy about my body, never quite looking how I would like or imagine, I have found since getting involved in naked art that it has boosted my confidence, given me a much more realistic idea of what the ‘normal’ human body actually looks like, and found the experience and the people you meet taking part in art has been hugely rewarding. It’s a great leveller but a powerful experience.

3: I made a trip from Manchester to London partially just to take part in the project, and the location wasn’t that easy to find, so it felt like a bit of a trek and an adventure. My biggest concern about taking part was the fact that you only get one shot. I really wanted to do a great image and be part of the project. I was really pleased as soon as I saw the photo. It was a good as I could have hoped. Afterwards I felt like I was part of something exciting, for a really nice guy, and can’t wait for Kenneth to achieve his 1000 bodies. I still think the work has a great style and the way people look and have chosen to express themselves within that one shot is fascinating.

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