Female, 31, San Francisco:

1: I had wanted to pose nude for years, but I never had.  When I heard about your project on the radio, I knew it was meant to be, and I changed my weekend schedule to make it work.

This project was specifically important to me as it came at a perfect time.  I was fresh out of a 2 year relationship (with a guy who certainly meant well, but….) The relationship was superficial, I felt over-sexualized, and unloved and valueless outside of satisfying every one of his sexual whims. Being part of the 1000 Bodies Project, was a way for me to reclaim my body, as a temple for my soul, not just a vessel for someone else’s sexual pleasure. (Though that certainly is a wonderful perk of our bodies, that’s not ALL it’s for, that’s not its only worth.)

2: I am not a nudist, although I feel much more comfortable naked, than I do clothed. I would consider myself modest, but not shy. Conservative, slightly up tight, but playful and affectionate too. By in large, I conform to social norms, but there is just something wonderful about being ALLOWED to be naked. I don’t think I would ever be nude in a situation where it was not socially acceptable, but the second I learn of an opportunity where it IS socially acceptable, I’m there! Thank you for creating this space.
Nudity has become so perverted in our conservative society, but I believe our bodies glorify God, who is the perfect Creator.

3: Before: Excited, confident.
During: Gorgeous, alive.
After: High as a kite, loving life, connected.
This was an incredible experience.

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