Male, 44, Oslo

1:  I have a passion for nudity, and try to participate in different nude projects as often as I can. As soon as there is an opportunity to get legally naked in art, in public or in other circumstances, I feel a demand to be a part of it. Weird but truth.

2: I love being nude, I am a naturist/nudist (the two words are synonymous to me), and work part time as a life model. As a life model I do modeling for drawing classes, for hen parties and in performance pieces. As a naturist I am naked in a social setting and in that situation totally relaxed. When operating as a life model for art or for photo, I am the only naked person. I am mostly relaxed then as well, but must admit that I get a kick of being naked. It is like any other extreme hobby or performance: Driving motorcycle, being a pilot, parachute jumping, perform on a stage as a musician or an actor etc. When performing, especially in the moment I do enter the “stage”, the kick is coming, and that is a driving factor. Also the situation of looking forward to do a naked performance of some kind, being nervous in advance, is part of the feeling that makes me do this. I am not shy, for me it is normal to be nude with others even if I am the only naked person. And the conclusion of all this must be that I am exhibitionistic in some degree.

3: This was a performance that gave me the kick mentioned above. And the kick is like being sort of nervous from the time you hear about the happening, which for me happened to be several weeks prior to actually taking the picture. And it culminates when doing the performance. Then, after the happening, it has of course been a pleasure to follow the project and recognize that more people have participated and also trying to convince others to be a part of it.

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