Female, 37, San Francisco

1: I’ve participated in a couple of other art projects that required nudity – one on the theme of real women’s bodies versus women’s bodies in media and another on women projecting their own sexuality instead of the male version of female sexiness. I am friends with both of the artists and believed in their themes, but I suppose I always had my own ulterior motives – the biggest one being that many years ago I could have saved myself from being sexually assaulted if I’d not been too ashamed to escape nude or partially dressed. I participated in this project and the others as my own personal therapy/training. While I hope I will not be confronted with another sexual assault, I am accepting my body in its raw state so that if I am in that situation again, I will make a better decision and protect myself.
2: I used to be extremely conservative and shy – I am from the Midwest in the US. The time I spent in Europe and a few life circumstances have helped me overcome that. I am probably still relatively conservative, but no longer painfully shy. I believe the body is beautiful and a work of art. I am most comfortable nude when alone or with an intimate partner.

3: Before, I was a bit irritated as there was a line and I don’t like to wait. I almost left. During I felt efficient – walk in, take my clothes off, pose, snap the photo, redress, leave. After, I felt exhilarated. Public nudity is a common fear. People have nightmares about it. In my opinion, if I can conquer that fear, I can conquer anything – hence the exhilaration.

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