Male, 52, San Francisco

1: Curiosity … about the project, about the other people that might show up, and of course, about myself. I’m a 52-year-old man, and that was the first time I’ve done anything remotely like that (been nude in front of a camera, esp. with the explicit idea that the photo would be broadly published). I wanted to test myself, to see what I might feel.

2: I am becoming more-and-more comfortable with my own body, and in sharing nudity with others. I enjoy going to the nude beach, as much to sun myself as much as to admire the other bodies around me. But “totally relaxed” is the wrong term, as I feel a lot more energy than “relaxed” conveys. That said, I’m not (yet?) an exhibitionist. Not even sure I’m a nudist … I guess we’ll see when I grow up. My wife is neither 😉

3: Before, the excitement of anticipation, coupled with a bit of boredom (as the line wait was a bit long). But I very much enjoyed talking with the other folks assembled for the photo shoot. hearing a bit about them, and how the “rest of their lives” affected their decisions around how to use the mask. A doctor in line, and a teacher both told me they decided to use the mask to cover their faces, to protect their careers. I’m independent enough not to need that protection (at least I hope so).

Part of me wanted to strip-down in the waiting room, but as I considered the overall scene, I think an important part of the project is to allow each individual to experience their body and the camera as one moment, one event. Being nude before the photo shoot would change something intangible in our minds.

During … not much, as I was too focused on being efficient (for all the other people in queue).

After, I felt proud of myself (as noted above, first time …). When I saw the photo I was satisfied, but not 100% … time to try again 😉 In my pose, I seem heavy on my feet, and thus a bit simian. Next time I’ll stand taller …

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