Female, 24, San Francisco:

I am not a naked person at all.  Like, I like my body just fine, and sometimes I may even dance around my room after a shower in the nude.  But I have never taken my clothes off publicly.  (except for the one time I went skinny dipping in the dark)

So taking my clothes off was a big deal for me. sitting and waiting and listening to all the people who are like “WOOOO let’s get nakkie!” that was fine, just not me. but then I had to actually step into the studio. I had to actually take off my shirt, and my pants, and my underwear.  I wonder if I was the only person who became hypersensitive to my body jigglies. and my odor.

But I had practiced my pose. My Tree represents how I view my soul and I wanted to make sure that my one shot captured that.  I didn’t want to wear the mask and I didn’t want to have my face completely shown, so I raised it up so that both my soul and my body could be reaching towards heaven.

I clicked the pic. I redressed and came out to see what I had created.

I am still hypersensitive to my jigglies.  But … My girlfriend says I look like a greek goddess.  so I guess it was a holy experience.

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