Male, 28, San Francisco

1: I’d heard about the project through a friend of mine in the San Francisco kink scene. I’ve always believed that the body is a beautiful thing that should not be hidden, and this project exemplifies that idea beautifully.

2: I don’t think of myself as a nudist or exhibitionist. I just don’t see why anyone should be ashamed of their body. Each body is unique, and the variety that exists in each form should be celebrated.

3: I had a great time there. I think the nature of the project, and everyone there knowing what it was, made for a very relaxed atmosphere. It was fun as we began discussing different pose ideas with each other, many of whom I’d never met before that day. The time preparing for and taking the picture was wonderfully relaxed, and a bit exciting. There’s a bit of a rush after you’ve taken the picture and are looking at it to see what you’ve created, what you have chosen to show the world.

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