Male, 69, San Francisco

1. I am not just a nudist, I’m an exhibitionist. I love showing my body and my cock to people who enjoy looking at them. The idea of having my photo seen by people in art galleries, or in a book, is exciting to me.

2. I also love seeing other people naked. I am basically a shy person, but nudity and exhibitionism have enabled me to overcome a lot this shyness. I have become more self-condfident as a result of these activities.

3. The photo shoot was exciting, both before, during, and after. I decided that I wanted my picture to be somewhat sexual, so I tried to make my cock hard before taking the photo. I also knew that I was being videoed; that increased the thrill of playing with my cock, but it also made me somewhat nervous, so that I couldn’t get the totally hard cock that I really wanted. Nevertheless, I totally enjoyed the whole experience, and wish that there were opportunities like this a lot more often.

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