Male, 51, London

1: I’m a photographer myself and I felt really engaged with this project.  I love the idea that we can celebrate our diversity without the distraction of multiple shots, changes of lighting effects and of course clothes.  It’s a nice change to be in front of the lens and I thought it would be fun.

2: I’m a hypocrite really.  I say I’m relaxed about it but really I am only with other guys and the thought of some people I know seeing my photo here makes me go a bit queasy but then again I think, why the hell not and have a chuckle.

3: I was a bit nervous before but that had less to do with the nudity and more to do with being photographed, which I don’t usually enjoy much.  During I was surprised how relaxed I felt and when i got my clothes off it was actually exhilarating.  I was on high after and couldn’t wait to see the shot.

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