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So, you want to participate? That’s great!
First things first though: In order to participate, there must be a shoot somewhere close to you. To make that happen, I need to know where to come, a suitable studio, and funds.
We ran a campaign on Indiegogo that raised some money towards further development of the project.
A new campaign will be set up in the near future, so like our Facebook page and check in every now and then to stay in touch.
Next thing to do is to register, using the form below. I will then put you on my mailing list and keep you up to date with all progress. You are also adviced to like the Facebook Page, which is frequently updated.

When I book a session in your town, you might have to re-register for that particular shoot (this depends on how many people are anticipated). To participate, you will also have to sign a model release form. If you are under 18, a parent or guardian will also have to sign your release.

At the shoot there may be some queueing, but hopefully not too much. You will be instructed in how to take the photo, and when it’s your turn you undress, pose, push the button, redress and exit the studio. Remember, you only get 1 chance, so do it right the first time.

After you’re done, we look at the photo together, and within the next couple of days (depending on my schedule) you will receive a 1000px copy with logo by email.

How to help?

Here’s a couple of ways you can help the project:
Like our Facebook page and share it with all your friends.
Tweet about the project using hashtag #1000BodiesProject
Blog about the project.
Tip any websites you frequent about the project.
If you’re on Behance, appreciate/comment/share the project.
If you are using Stumbleupon, Submit to help others discover the project.

If you have some spare cash, you can also help by donating to 1000BodiesProject:



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